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Failed 4 Conventional IVF’s

08.01.2016 | Category, Blog

My husband and I came to see Dr Yelian early this year as a last resort after having failed 4 conventional IVF’s in the past 4 years. I was only 33 when I did my first ivf. Our problem was embryo quality and none of our previous embryos reached day 5. We did acupuncture during that time as well. Our previous doctors have given up on us and told us to use donor eggs/sperm or adoption. We were feeling hopeless at the time and decided this would be our last attempt at IVF.

Dr Yelian is very compassionate, kind and highly skilled. He is sensitive and caring unlike the other doctors I have gone to. One thing that I will always remember was the confidence he exuded when he told me that the problem is not my egg quality but rather the high dosage of fertility meds that affected my egg quality. He advised me to do 6 mini ivf cycles using my own eggs and very little and low dosage of fertility meds. I was pretty skeptical at first but nevertheless, I did 6 cycles back to back. It wasn’t too stressful because I only needed to inject once every 2 days or so instead of twice a day with conventional ivfs. A few months before the procedure, I also prepared my body and did acupuncture and took freshly brewed herbal tea prescribed by my acupuncturist (Katie) at Dunamis Acupuncture. This helped tremendously. During the first cycle we were able to get our very first EVER 5-day good quality embryo. We couldn’t believe it! In the 5 remaining cycles using the same exact protocol, we got 3 more good quality 5-day embryos. We also did PGS and miraculously, 3 out of 4 embryos came back normal. This is truly a gift we did not expect! For those who have been down this road before and were told by their doctors they should not use their own eggs, I hope you give Dr Yelian a chance to prove that it is still possible to use your own! He knows what he’s doing.

The staff is also very kind and helpful. I enjoy coming to my appointments. There is some wait time but it is manageable depending on when you schedule your appointments. I recommend taking at least a half day off during your appointments so you won’t be in a rush. They do have a lot of patients (many out of state or country) so it’s inevitable at times to wait a little longer. But service issues are handled well in my opinion.

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