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Embryology & Andrology Laboratories: Ensuring the utmost professionalism, skills, and respect for the success of your embryos

Embryology & Andrology Laboratories: The IVF Lab team consists of experienced embryologists and lab technicians responsible for your post-egg retrieval processes. From the moment of your retrieval to the moment of your transfer, our team will work with our best diligence to culture your embryos to an optimal developmental stage.

Our embryologists take priority to ensure proper care of the culturing of your embryos so that optimal embryos are selected to ensure the highest probability of a pregnancy. We understand that anxiously waiting for your embryos each day to develop can be very stressful.

Our team assures that all patients receive day-1 and day-5 updates in a timely manner. To better manage our patient flow and provide outstanding patient care, we communicate and help answer patient questions via email.

Our IVF laboratory is accredited under the College of American Pathologists (CAP). This accreditation assures that our lab follows the highest standard of care. CAP inspects and examines our facility, equipment, safety protocol, records and management to certify that our lab follows the standards set by CAP. The IVF lab follows a strict lab standard with quality control and quality assurance guidelines to safeguard all our equipment is kept in proper conditions. In addition, the IVF lab maintains an environmental standard for optimum embryo culturing conditions. With all these standards and skill sets in place, we intend to benefit the success of your embryos.

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